Hylian Lemon is personally responsible for everything you don't like about this project. He did it all on purpose, just for you. He really likes chiptunes, mallets, and being the slimeball who ruined your dreams. (Website, OC ReMix Profile, Youtube)

Brandon Strader will appear in a cloud of smoke if you chant "how'd it get burned" four times. If you're lucky, he might even play some guitar for you. (Website, YouTube)

Chickenwarlord was the first to suggest that Essence of Lime could involve more than one person, and probably for that reason, we now have two albums instead of nothing. I still don't know whether he's supposed to be cowardly or a bird, though.

Chris | Amaterasu was born with a violin in his hands. Granted, he couldn't play very well because he was a baby, but he's made astonishing improvements since then.

Dj Mokram directly created or collaborated on seven tracks over the two Lime albums, and he occasionally reminded me that I was supposed to be running a project. I award him a grapefruit scratch-'n'-sniff sticker for excellence. (OC ReMix Profile)

Flexstyle has returned to flex his electronic muscles. Don't get in his way or you might get crushed by phat beats. The Rêvasser Network is not responsible for any resulting injuries. (Bandcamp, SoundCloud)

halc and the term "9-bit" go together like ice cream and my tummy. If you're ever talking about him at a fancy dinner party, impress your friends by referring to him correctly as "hal-see." (Bandcamp, Twitter, SoundCloud, Website)

Krow picked a pretty consistent feel for his two contributions, and it's allowed me to look back on his previous tracks with a better understanding of his musical identity. Now I've got his power. (Bandcamp)

ladyWildfire contributed two tracks that reflect the two sides of her username: refined delicacy and raw power. Is it a coincidence that even her calm winter track is based on an area that gets bombarded by fireballs? I don't know, but I'm not letting her anywhere near the matches. (SoundCloud)

Mirby stayed consistently enthusiastic about the project, which is no small feat given the amount of times we stagnated. She ghostwrote every positive review you read about us around the internet. Except for maybe the poorly-written ones. (Twitter)

prophetik demonstrated his smooth saxophone skills for Essence of Lime, so it's only natural that he'd come back to share some more. Can you ever have enough sax? I don't think you can. (OC ReMix Profile)

PROTODOME is a limey git who probably measures in "millimetres," but I have to overlook that because he's good at everything he does. He's contributed three tracks to the Lime series, all of which have been in completely different genres. (Website, Bandcamp)

Rexy contributed a stellar rainy day piano performance to this project. I imagine her experience in the perpetually wet clime of Britain helped. That and the fact that she's really good at piano. (Website, Twitter, YouTube)

Rozovian is known for his sublime beard, quality feedback, and the word "spume." His attention to detail in reviewing other people's music is rivaled only by his meticulous approach to his own work. (OC ReMix Profile)

The Eluryahn led the autumn section of the album to victory as the first completed season and then rode off into the sunset. He was never seen again. We miss him.

Tuberz McGee is a guitar speed demon. He finished recording for A Raucous Din in literally under 5 seconds, a feat which our top scientists are still struggling to understand. (Bandcamp, SoundCloud)

urdailywater, much like ladyWildfire, chose a source that fits perfectly with his username. This is evidently what happens when you associate yourself with an element (uh...or a fruit). You'll have to do more than rename yourself to reach urdailywater's level of musical talent, though. (OC ReMix Profile, YouTube, Bandcamp)

WillRock almost had to change his name to Won'tRock thanks to a massive two-year-long misunderstanding that was fixed a week before the release date. You might primarily think of him as 80's Synth Solo Guy, but he's a strong guitarist as well. (OC ReMix Profile, YouTube)

Xenon Odyssey has a cool name and writes fantastic chiptunes. No further compliments necessary. (SoundCloud, Bandcamp, OC ReMix Profile)

XPRTNovice is much better at music than at spelling. He's also nice. I contacted him late in the project about filling some openings in the Din's Dance collaboration, and he offered to do more than I'd asked of him. (Website)

Zorlaxseven returns from Essence of Lime with his penchant for piano, orchestra, and, apparently, Latin. What a weirdo.

The Maverickk is a huge part of the unique feel of the Lime projects. Anyone who designs a disc label that looks like a giant orange half deserves a nice spot in the limelight. (Website)

MW popped up out of nowhere and ended up hosting both Lime projects, designing the websites, and helping plan the releases. I think he felt pity after seeing my original GooglePages template. (Network, Website)